The memory mattress is a relatively newer product than the latex mattress, due to the fact that the patent for the memory foam (viscoelastic polyurethane foam) that makes up the upper slab has become public only since the 2000s.

The great peculiarity of the memory foam is that it is thermosensitive that is sensitive to the heat that our body produces. Therefore, while the latex returns almost immediately to its original form once we have risen from the bed; the memory will be able to model itself following in the best way our body profile.

The advantages of the memory mattress:

Thanks to its ability to follow body curves in a natural way, taking its shape thanks to the weight that our body exercises and the heat we emit; the memory mattress is the best product for all categories of customers, but especially for those who have to stay in bed for a long time and for those who suffer from back pain, joints or blood circulation problems.

From the point of view of allergies, the memory mattress is absolutely hypoallergenic. Being the polyurethane of which the viscoelastic foam is composed, a synthetic water-based molecule, therefore it is absolutely and completely hypoallergenic.

More difficult to attack from mites, but also from molds and fungi, reasons for which it has a significantly longer life than a latex mattress; managing to resist, being used every day even for more than 10 years, if subjected to correct and constant maintenance.

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The defects:

Once again we take up the defects of the memory foam mattress, starting from the most common: the memory foam heats up. This is true for products that are made lower, saving on raw materials and production; obviously better products are made so that the problem does not occur at all.

Other defects affecting the memory mattress are the presence of newly opened smells, highlighted above all for the more economical products; or the fact that if you change the position they are rather uncomfortable and take a few moments to get back into shape. We repeat that these defects are often linked to lower quality products, or in case they are resting on a slatted base unsuitable for the memory mattress to understand which is the slatted base best suited to your latex or memory mattress you can read this article.

Mattress in memory: